Ministry Teams

Children and Youth Ministry

Because of the broad scope of this, we will end up having teams within teams. The focus here will be on specific ministry to youth from birth to high school graduation. We will need to develop our children’s Sunday School format (what are we doing, why, how, etc.) as well as our plans for Wednesday nights. We will want age specific ministries, of course, and separate ministries for each of those. [Note: when working with youth, all volunteers will go through a background check and must have attended Beachside for a minimum of 6 months.]

Food Services

We will have meals on Wednesdays nights, we’ll have breakfast once a month, and we may have snacks/coffee before or after worship on Sundays. This team will coordinate those efforts. This doesn’t mean each person will help prepare food every single service, but coordinate the efforts to make it happen.

Guest Services

Called greeters or ushers in some churches, the main purpose of Guest Services is to ensure that people coming to BCC for worship will be welcomed- warmly!- directed to where they need to go, and that they will feel welcome and at home the first time they visit. This team will oversee things like signage and traffic flow, as well as welcoming people to worship and giving them bulletins or other relevant handouts. This team will also collect info from visitors and make sure they are connected to Beachside in some form after their first visit.

Prayer Team

The goal of the prayer team is to facilitate prayer among our people, as well as being in prayer for the ministry, the worship services and anyone we have on the prayer list. Goals might include having a time of prayer during worship once a month in which people come forward for specific prayer, or organizing specific prayer services.

Publicity Team

Just like it sounds, this team will work on publicity for Beachside, including paid advertisements, Facebook posts, free advertising and anything that will help connect people in the community to Beachside.

Set Up Team

This team will be responsible for setting up (and taking down) any elements at Imagine School. We will need to move cafeteria tables and turn them into benches, set up the cross, the communion table, etc. They will not be responsible for the worship team, and their area. At the conclusion of worship they will make sure the cafeteria and school areas we used are as clean, or cleaner than when we arrived. We may have separate teams for set up and tear down each Sunday.

Worship Team:

This consists of the groups leading worship and their support teams. They are led by Pastor Russty. Initially this will consist of the praise band, but in the future it is possible we may have other groups, such as an acapella group or a youth band or something along those lines. This group will also work with communion set up, and any other worship set up items in the future. For information about the Beachside band, click the link at the top of the page. To see more about our worship team, please visit our worship page.