We are excited about what God is doing at Beachside, and we would love to invite you to offer support.

First of all, keep this mission church in your prayers. We already have people around the world praying for us, and we’d love for you to do so as well. If you are praying for us, let us know so we can share that with everyone at Beachside. Shoot Pastor Chris an email at:

Second, we have church partners and would love to have more. The first church to come alongside of us is City on a Hill, in Torrance, California. Right now our list of support churches who have given one time support or ongoing support include:

Christ Lutheran Church, Santa Clarita, CA

City on a Hill, Torrance, CA

Shepherd of the Woods, Jacksonville, Florida

If your church, or you as an individual, would like to find ways to partner with us, send an email to Pastor Chris: