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Where is Beachside?

We are located in the heart of Palm Coast. We meet in Flagler Palm Coast High School in the 100 gym. You can find us here

Where do I go?

As you come into the parking lot off of 100, you should see the entrance straight in front of you. Feel free to park in one of our guest parking spots right near the front entrance. The gym where we meet is just inside the doors to the left.

What should I wear?

Here at Beachside, we do not have a dress code. Simply put, wear whatever you feel like wearing. Our congregation spans the spectrum. We have those that wear jeans and tshirts and others who wear suits and ties and everything in between. Most of our people dress pretty casual, after all we are a beach community. We are concerned about the spiritual well-being of those who attend, not with what they are wearing. So wear what makes you feel comfortable.

What are your services like?

Our desire for each one of our services is to help you take your next step in your walk with the Lord, whatever that may be. We sing current songs for the purpose of worshipping God and preparing our hearts to receive a message from God's Word. Every service, our lead pastor opens up the Bible and tries to help us know how to apply it to our lives in a very practical way.

What about my kids?

You can check your kids into Kidz Cove in the main entrance when you arrive. You are more than welcome to keep your children with you during any of our services. We do, however, for all of our services have a fun filled service that is geared just for your children's spiritual growth. They enjoy the songs, games, snacks, and lessons that are prepared just for them, and parents are free to worship with less distraction.