At Beachside Church, we believe that each person has a value beyond what they see in themselves. It is a God-given value you have simply by being on this Earth, and your Heavenly Father loves you beyond your imagination. He also knows that you have a purpose, perhaps beyond what you can conceive.

We all want to be of greater use than we already are… it is how we are wired and created. Sometimes we are unsure of what that might be. Whether you think you want to simply attend our church and end there, or you want to fully engage in areas of what you consider your gifts, we would welcome you and encourage you to fulfill that endeavor. We aim to help you achieve this.

To get more involved you can visit our Welcome Center on Sunday mornings and sign up on the clip boards available. You can also contact our Connections Coordinator at or our Executive Pastor at

Greeters and Ushers

Greeters and ushers in some churches, the main purpose is to ensure that people coming to BCC for worship will be welcomed- warmly!- directed to where they need to go, and that they will feel welcome and at home the first time they visit. This team will oversee things like signage and traffic flow, as well as welcoming people to worship and giving them bulletins or other relevant handouts. This team will also collect info from visitors and make sure they are connected to Beachside in some form after their first visit.

Set Up Team

This team will be responsible for setting up (and taking down) any elements at FPC High School. We will need to set up Curtains, chairs, set up the cross, the communion table, etc. They will not be responsible for the worship team, and their area. At the conclusion of worship they will make sure all the school areas we used are as clean, or cleaner than when we arrived. We may have separate teams for set up and tear down each Sunday.

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