Use Your Gifts

At Beachside Church, we believe that each person has a value beyond that what they see in themselves. It is a God-given value you have simply by being on this Earth, and your Heavenly Father loves you beyond your imagination. He also knows that you have a purpose, perhaps beyond that you can conceive.

We all want to be of greater use than we already are… it is how we are wired and created. Sometimes we are unsure of what that might be. Whether you think you want to simply attend our church and end there, or you want to fully engage in areas of what you consider your gifts, we would welcome you and encourage you to fulfill that endeavor. We aim to help you achieve this.

Please fill out the form below, or contact us at 678.390.0369 and we will be sure to help you find your place. Please know that even if you do not find a place you consider your strength, that is OK. Some people struggle their entire lives finding this purpose, but please know, you are loved, and simply by being part of God’s community in any capacity is a blessing to those around you.

God does not ask for anything. He just wants you to know you are loved beyond measure… No strings. No conditions.

To see some church ministry opportunities, please visit our Ministries page.